Sweet T’s Organic Garden has the seedlings you need to help you start your own organic garden. We’ll make sure you find all the right plants you need to create a beautiful and tasty garden, right at your finger tips.


Organic Seedling Varieties

Garden to table in your own backyard

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Get the perfect seedlings for your spring garden at Sweet T’s Organic Garden. We use only the best organic soil for our seedlings. Starting them indoors and tending to their every need, until the perfect conditions are just right to plant. We offer a wide variety of spring crops from lettuce, carrots, beans and peas. For peppers and tomatoes that require hotter soil temperatures, plant these in late spring to early summer. Our varieties of peppers range from spicy to sweet and some a little in between. Our tomatoes are heirloom variety and hardy, prize winning too!


Planting and General Care

We offer insight and guidance for all our seedlings. Companion planting guidelines, soil amendments, watering guides, and even pest management to the best of our abilities. Each year our harvest grows larger and more bountiful with experience and learning. See what your garden can give back to you in both health and happiness!


Learning the ropes

With plentiful harvests we offer insight, ideas, recipes and preservation advice to ensure your nothing is wasted. We are experienced on fermenting, dehydrating, and other methods of preservation. Find the ingredients to tasty cooking, herbal; teas, and so much more at our organic garden.


Our Story

We’re Garden People

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